Route to Destiny

About Route to Destiny

« Route to Destiny » The action takes place in the far future where both mighty sorcerers and sofisticated engineers struggle to get to the top.


Alphaville is the only city that survived the giant atomic assault at 512 bE (before the arrival of the emperor) and - as far as we know - these are the only survivors on earth. The citizens are a tough people where rivalry, war and crime are the order of the day. There are five main groupings in the city: one that worships the pureness of magic, one that believes in the power of nature, one where the balance of the elements is principal, one that values human intellect above all and one last that is mainly focused on automation.

System Requirements

Route to Destiny is a Browser Game, which includes that you can easily play it in your Internet Browser. None the less we strongly advice useage of the Mozilla Firefox browser. Some of the functions possibly won't work properly in the other browsers. Click on the Firefox - icon to start the installation of Mozilla Firefox from the main site. Also a screenresolution of at least 1024 x 768 will give the best results.

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